Manna For Life job training

To accomplish its numerous program goals, MFL is in regular need of trained staff.  Known as the Green Bay job agency that welcomes the unwelcome and employs the unemployable, Manna For Life, a truly community-driven volunteer organization welcomes referrals from  governmental and social service agencies to impart to participants job seeking/training/people skills and facilitates their re-entry to the workforce.

Manna For Life hosts up to 30 people per day. Most programs are 20 hours a week at minimum wage. Participants are retooled with multiple skills and readied for job placement.

Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) – MFL deploys DVR referrals to address regular maintenance issues.  Participants are trained on forklift and other tools and assisted towards achieving heavy machinery certifications. Learn more about the DVR.

Community Corrections Employment Program (CCEP) – CCEP referrals are trained as delivery truck drivers, warehouse, food pantry and thrift store managers.  Currently, eight part-time staff members are assisting MFL, three of which are currently employed in management positions.

Food pantry sorting
Thrift store helper

Senior Aids & Wisconsin Senior Employment Program (WISE) – Through the N.E.W. Curative Workshop, seniors through both of these programs are contracted for two years and trained in all departments. Learn more about WISE.

Forward Service – Through the Wisconsin Job Center work experience program, MFL welcomes and trains referred participants as cashiers, and office or kitchen personnel.  MFL facilitates the transition of participants into full time jobs elsewhere, providing references and referrals to employers.

Community Service – Facilitating referrals through the county court system, MFL provides an avenue through which individuals can make restitution and give back to the community.

To learn more about the job training and rehabilitation services at Manna For Life Ministries, Contact Us today!